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Employee Training

Let us help you implement new training within your organization.

  • 30 min
  • Ask for proposal.
  • Virtual or at a location of your choosing.

Service Description

We take a look at existing or non-existing trainings in place. Then we interview employees as to what has worked and not worked. Once we get a better sense of the situation we will craft a training program oriented for employee success. This package includes: -Training Discovery: We identify skill gaps, recommend tailored training programs, and provide ongoing support to help your employees reach their peak performance. -Training analysis: We assess your organization's training needs comprehensively. -Training schedule creation: We work closely with you to develop a customized training calendar that ensures your team receives the right training at the right time. With a well-planned schedule in place, you can optimize skill development, enhance performance, and achieve your business goals. -Role(s) white paper: We will create a comprehensive white paper for each role, outlining key duties, objectives, and the value it brings to your organization. With these well-defined roles, you can enhance accountability, streamline workflows, and drive overall efficiency. -Delivery with set firm expectations: We work closely with your team to define clear project expectations, from timelines and milestones to deliverables and quality standards. This proactive approach minimizes misunderstandings, enhances communication, and increases the likelihood of successful project outcomes. -Also can include employee training and re-training. *30 minute meeting is for initial fact finding. We recommend sending us an email in advance of the meeting. In the email please describe your situation and organization.

Contact Details


1528 Berry Ct, Arnold, MO, USA

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